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Policy of SM

Our goal is to be a global company, that uses the newest knowledge and informations, modern technology and appropriate management systems and also fulfills needs and expectations of involved parties. The object of our ongoing interest and continuous improvement must be primarily following key areas determining our competitiveness in the field of automotive industry:

1. Production quality

We count product to be of good quality when it satisfies customer requirements – when it is in accordance with drawings and related specifications. Final target is to produce without errors, goal of this is effort to make all activities correctly right at the first time.

2. Deliveries on time

Products have to be delivered to customer in ordered quantity and at requested time.

3. Process effectiveness and efficiency

Permanent accordance with actual IATF 16949 technical specification and customer requirements for Quality Management System. Cost down, productivity up.

4. Workplace safety

Safe workplace must be provided for all employees; possibility of work without injuries and labor – caused sicknesses.

5. Environment protection and energies saving

Application and maintenance of environmental management system ISO 14001 commits us to a positive approach to environment, lowering of energy consumption and to find new ways to reduce our impact. This will be achieved by setting relevant and measurable objectives related to activities.

6. Training of employees
Company shall provide appropriate training in the environmental field and will expand awareness of environmental protection and energy management that all employees take advantage of this policy in their daily work.

7. Reducing environmental impacts.
The company constantly strives for more economical use of energy, reduction of waste production and consumption of chemical substances with due regard for its impact on the environment.

8. Compliance with legal and other requirements (binding obligations)

All company activities must be in accordance with the relevant applicable laws and other relevant legislation on environment, energy management, working environment and  quality. We  reduce any negative impacts on humans and the environment and this area has been continuously improved.

9. Prevention of accidents and damage to health and performance of organization in Occupational safety and health

To seek continuous and qualified, evaluate and minimize potential risks to the safety and health at work and communicate these to employees and stakeholders. Involve all the cooperating stakeholders including contractors, subcontractors, partner organizations and the public into the management system of health and safety at work. Ensure good and safe working environment and conditions, and improve the management and performance of the organization in the field of health and safety at work. Integrate and coordinate the safety aspects in all areas of business activities as part of the responsibility of every employee.

10. Communication

Work with all involved parties to increase the level of safety and health at work and environment protection  and to prevent possible consequences of accidents, consistent use of all forms of communication of health and safety at work at all levels of the organization. By means of communication, support all employees and stakeholders to strengthen the responsibility for their own health and safety at work and evironment protection.

11. Resources

Provide and assign the necessary resources to finance activities in the field of environment, energy management and safety and health at work in organization.

12. Legislation

Achieve compliance with legal and other requirements to which the organization in areas of environment protection and health and safety at work is obliged to and this compliance continuously maintain, monitor and verify.



Company top management makes these commitments to support this policy:

- prefer prevention of problems before solutions of occured problems (especially we try to emphasize preparation for mass production as the best prevention of future problems)

- consider employees´ qualification and motivation as basic source of company success

- secure sufficient resources for fulfillment of goals and secure ensure fulfillment of requrements for products, including any applicable statutory and regulatory requirements


Company expects employees to:

- be involved in the process of continuous improvement

- keep secret information in secrecy

- keep company regulations and rules

- active participation in planned trainings

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