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Fuel tanks

DONGEE Czech has the capacities for steel, stainless and plastic products, testing equipment and production to supply fuel tanks.

Plastic fuel tanks

Many strengths of plastic fuel tank include processability, light-weighting, external corrosion resistance, low thermal conductivity, economic efficiency, stability, plasticity and design freedom.

Plastic fuel tanks DONGHEE Czech are used in GEN, HEV, PHEV vehicles

Hyundai Tucson                                         Kia Sportage


Hyundai i30                                              Kia Ceed


Stainless steel tanks

Stainless steel reduces the weight of the tank with reduced panel thickness. Stainless steel tank meets the requirements for high-pressure, sealed fuel tank.

Stainless fuel tanks DONGHEE Czech are used in PHEV vehicles

Jeep Renegade                                         Jeep Compass


                                       Alfa Romeo Tonale



Steel fuel tanks

The steel materials used have the tensile strength. The product can be easily adjusted to suit different types of fuel during the manufacturing process.


Stainless fuel tanks DONGHEE Czech are used in PHEV vehicles

                                           Kia Ceed                                         


Capability: steel fuel tanks 120 000 per year / plastic fuel tanks 700 000 per year

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